Make Colac Otway your tree change in Victoria

Colac and the Colac Otway Shire are where children still kick the footy in the street, where you’ll always find a car park nearby, where the shopkeeper remembers how you like your coffee and where leading manufacturers and producers ensure people seeking jobs in rural Victoria can find rewarding work.

In Colac, the houses and the backyards are big, but the mortgage is small, especially compared with city prices. Throughout Colac and district you’ll find some of the most affordable housing in regional Victoria.

The commute to work is just five minutes, unless of course you choose to live along the coast, where the commute is an hour – not through gridlock traffic – but through the fresh air of the Otways, the ultimate destination for a tree change in Victoria.

We have great schools, vibrant events, a diverse arts and culture scene, sports galore, awesome beaches and, above all, Colac is a family-friendly community.

Improved road and rail connections mean Geelong and Melbourne are just a stone’s throw away, as are Ballarat and Warrnambool, and Colac’s transport connections are improving daily.

Sometimes it takes courage to say “enough” and decide to change your life. Be bold – move to country Victoria!

Whether you prefer city, country or coastal living, Colac Otway has it all. There’s a reason our part of the world is luring newcomers and Colac Otway is so popular at regional living expos. Much of Victoria is on the move to our part of the world.

To read about those who have made the move to the country lifestyle of Colac and district, check out our real stories or contact the Colac – Life, Your Way team.