Move to country Victoria for Colac's quality health care

Colac Area Health offers a unique integrated health service to about 30,000 people in Colac Otway Shire, and neighbouring Corangamite and Surf Coast shires. Colac Area Health offers a full range of community, aged care and acute services, which means if you’re considering a tree change in Victoria you can be comfortable in the knowledge that Colac can provide premium health care for you and your family.

Colac Area Health also provides a general practitioner clinic, clinical nursing services, planned group-based activities, health education, screening and early intervention services to the Birregurra community.

The Apollo Bay and district community is serviced by Otway Health and Community Services which provides multi-purpose services including community care, community nursing, respite care, family support, palliative care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Providing jobs in rural Victoria

Hospitals are leading providers of jobs in rural Victoria and if you are looking at employment in the health industry please find jobs in regional Victoria with Colac Area Health.

Colac Alternative Health Services

You can access a range of professional alternative health care providers in Colac, including chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and masseurs.

With all of Colac’s health care providers, you’ll receive a personalised level of care which is just not possible in city settings, as well as the added benefits of shorter waiting lists.

Medical Centres

Hospitals / Health Services

  • Beeac Community Health Centre –  Lang St, Beeac – 5267 1270
  • Birregurra Community Health Centre –  Strachan St, Birregurra – 5236 2000
  • Colac Area Health – 2-28 Connor St, Colac – 5232 5100
  • Otway Health & Community Services – 75 McLachlan St, Apollo Bay – 5237 8500


  • Apollo Bay General Practice – 40 Pascoe St, Apollo Bay 52376 844
  • Dr J. & M. Lawless – 1 Moore St, Apollo Bay 5237 7296
  • Corangamite Clinic  – 12-14 Miller St, Colac 5231 5866
  • Otway Medical Clinic  – 31-35 Connor St, Colac 5231 5300
  • Dr R. Sarkis  – Strachan St, Birregurra 5236 2000
  • Dr D. Borsos  – 105 Woodrowvale Rd, Elliminyt 5231 6664

Contact us for more information about health facilities in the region.